I'll try to keep this one as concise as possible, while still making myself clear.
Remember. By commissioning me you are accepting the terms down below, so read carefully, please!!

Terms and Conditions

  • I can reject an idea if it's something i'm not too keen on drawing... If it's sadly outside of my skill range, I can reject it too
  • Payment always goes first. Pricing is final.
  • I don't draw furries, but an exception can be made for kemono. Mecha is allowed but depends on complexity.
  • Sexual NSFW - I won't be drawing anything beyond suggestive. It's not because I'm a saint, I just don't feel like it.
    Nudity falls under this category as well.
  • Gore(y) NSFW - I won't be drawing anything that's overly violent. Mostly because of skill. Depends on a case by case basis.
  • Anything relating to politics and militaries will be checked on a case by case basis.
    Depictions of real life militaries will be allowed as long as they're not the Current Thing™. Fictional militaries and countries don't have this restriction.

  • I can post these drawings whenever I want to. tell me if you just want these to be anonymous or not.
  • And yes you can repost these anywhere you want as well. This one is just in case.
  • Pricing, Payment and Refunds

  • All payments must be done through PayPal. I don't have any other payment methods, sorry
  • If I take any longer than 2 weeks on your drawing, you'll get a refund
  • Once you make the payment, you can only ask for a refund before I continue past the sketch stage.
    Anything beyond that point that won't be accepted.

  • actual pricing goes here...


  • You can only get on contact through my twitter account DMs
    twitter -> @amapycl (my twitter account)

  • COMMISSION TERMS// last updated 2024.06.14
    2021-2024 amapy