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Im changing formatting give me a second

2024.04.15 at 00.40

My site is so boring I have to add things FAST
but i dont know what that thing could be...

2024.04.11 at 01.57


Setting this thing up has been alright actually. Not as terrible as previous iterations of this website.
Hopefully this one's the final version, since I don't think there's much room for improvement besides the obvious "Add more content and images" that I could do. I'm not quite sure if I should just post longer thoughts here. The thing about typing things here is that I don't like Twitter threads all that much. At least not making them. They're too messy for my liking :/ And They clutter up way more space than they should
or maybe that's just me thinking they're messy. Or maybe this, or maybe that. I'm never sure about anything...

2024.03.11 at 18.09


:D Odio a cmu bkn

2024.03.11 at 18.07

It doesnt work


2024.03.11 at 18.06


Necesito probar la verticalidad de esto
Nada mas
Solo la verticalidad....

2024.03.11 at 18.03


Esto es una prueba Voy a

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